Finishing your manuscript is definitely a time for celebration, whether it be your first, your second or your tenth. Now it’s time to take your story for a test drive a.k.a. time to find a beta reader!

A beta reader is someone who will read your story and give you their impression of your book. Beta readers are useful because you get a real sense of how readers will receive your story and what you can do to improve it before sending it out into the world.

While a friend or relative can do this, I think more often than…

There comes a time in every first-time writer’s life when they must start researching editors. It can so happen that they come upon such a surplus of information that they may not know where to begin and the process may become even more daunting to them.

However, it doesn’t need to be daunting at all. In this post, I’ve broken down the different types of editing in order to help give you a clear idea of what each type entails and where exactly your personal editing needs might stand.

Listed below are the four most prominent types of editing, starting…

It happens suddenly. One day you wake up and words are filling up your mind. Images you never really asked for are just flooding your imagination without any form of invitation. You recognize some of these. You recognize the sound, the pitch of those screams, the hurried palpitations of the heart of this new character. You’ve eaten on the china that’s being tossed across the room, you know the particular beat to the throbbing of that bruise, the sulfuric scent of this new character’s blood.

You look up to find your muse is dancing on the shards of your traumatic…

I was eight years old when I realized I wanted to be a writer. The moment was such an awakening that the memory remains crisp in my mind. I stood at the back of my second grade classroom eyeing a Beauty and the Beast Little Golden Book, one I was deciding to reread again for the hundredth time. I remember being very aware of the joy it brought me to read that book and of the thought that came next: I want to make people feel this way.

Fast forward some years: I still loved to read, and I still…

Min An via Pexels

When you’re a writer, your writing becomes a collection of all your favorite things you’ve ever read and everything you’ve ever experienced. A collage of memories, some in color and some in gray, black and white. And just like in a collage, there are parts that stand out more than others, that catch your eye quicker than others, that bring theme and cohesion to the piece.

If I go through my own personal collage, I’ll find bits of Jane Austen, J.K. Rowling, and Gabriel García Márquez. I’ll also find memories of my mother reading bedtime stories to me when I…

Tamisu (Pixabay)

What keeps me showing up to the page? Is it some inherent compulsion embedded in my DNA? Is it the fear of ending up in the world’s most soul-numbing 9 to 5 job again? Is it existential dread? The idea of my ever-present mortality, hovering over my shoulder, whispering, “Whatchoo dooooing?” The fear of burning out my days without having reached the creative fulfillment I desire?

The answer is a pie chart of equal-sized parts for each of the scenarios painted above. Well, maybe the “soul-numbing job” wedge is slightly bigger than the rest. But at the end of the…

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